Since we work with so much diversity we have many different ways to give our clients relief from stress and anxiety or anything else they seek help for. No matter what you are going through just remember there is a solution! Let us help you find it. We offer programs, step by step guides, one on one sessions, email support, and online courses(coming soon) that is affordable. Everything you need to know is all outlined below. Take a look around and find the one that best suits you.

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All Programs Include

  • 1 Month of individually focused help.
  • A focused treatment plan. This is how we get to our main goal: Relief!
  • Activities to promote progress growth
  • Motivational exercises for encouragement
  • 8 Email support messages
  • 12 One hour message only sessions (4 a week)
  • 8 One hour video or phone sessions (3 a week)
  • Emotional support for stability
  • 8 Email documents about the program topic you chose.
  • 4 Educational Seminars
  • 1 Personalized meditation video
Another one month block can be added without losing your progress!


message only

The client interacts with us through message only

video chat

The client interacts with us through a video platform

email support

The client interacts with us through email. They send one then we reply. Our replies do not count towards your support count

Programs Offered

The Journey to Self-Help

This is our #1 program offered. We teach techniques, skills, and strategies you need to start helping yourself deal with every situation in life.

We also help you understand the importance of self-help and why you need to use it.

We give you the tools and resources to understand the key terms and recognize your own strengths, abilities, and goals.

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Why is this #1?

There can be no healing or relief without self-help. We have to know how to take control of our own life and take responsibility for our own actions. 

How do you take responsibility?

  1. Recognize your own faults
  2. Learn to self-control
  3. Change your own actions
  4. Stick to your new and get rid of your old

The starting point

Your starting point is right in front of you…..

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Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

Many of us have problems dealing with stress. We do not like change, being upset or scared but these are all apart of life. For some people, these things bother them so badly that they have anxiety (panic) attacks among other side effects. If this is you we can help.

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Managing Phobias

Everyone is afraid of something but some take it to the extreme. If you have a phobia that you just can’t seem to shake then we can help. This program guides you to recovery by giving you the skills to maintain your fears and finally achieve a resolution or plan of action.

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Boost your Confidence

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself? Are there things about you that you obsess over? Do you often feel you have let yourself down? This program is to help you find the confidence that you already possess. It is hard for some to connect with their inner voice to change the way they think as a whole. let us help you boost your confidence.

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Building Healthy Connections

This program is designed to help clients learn ways to communicate. Communication is needed for everything! If you cannot effectively connect with others, yourself, and/or your surroundings then you will lose the ability to grow and find comfort within your life.

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Take Back your Control

Do you feel powerless? Is everybody making decisions for you? Do you have problems taking control of situations? We can teach you some techniques that will help you gain your control back.

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Dealing with your Emotions

There are a lot of people out there that displace their emotions. They cannot express their emotions in a suitable manner. This causes confusion in the household, work, and just about any situation you can think of. If you can relate to this then this is the program for you.

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Focusing on You

It is hard to find the time to get everything that needs to be done within a day. It is even harder to find time for yourself. If you do not make time for you then everything around you will be unbalanced. It’s time to learn how to fit yourself in your busy schedule. It may seem like it is an easy thing to do, but most find it next to impossible.

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Empowering your Decision-Making Skills

Are you having trouble making even the smallest decision? Do you let others make all of the decisions for your best interest even though you feel they are wrong? Do you have problems speaking up and letting yourself be heard? If any of these questions apply to you then this is the course for you.

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Feeling Comfortable in this World

This is a program that teaches you skills that you can use in any circumstance you are faced with. We cover things like loneliness, feeling of regret, getting stable, healthy connections, and more.

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Once you learn how to do these two words you will see your life change. We help you define yourself again and feel doing it!

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Building on Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is what keep people going. There is a difference between positive thinking and lying to yourself. There is a difference between positive thinking and being naive. This program helps you learn how to think positively in a healthy way.

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Reconstruct your Choices

Do you feel uncomfortable with some of the choices you have made? Are bad choices running your life? Choices are what you make them. This program will show you how to start making good choices and how to correct the bad ones you made in the past.

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Step By Step Guides

These types of guides are very important to our well-bing. They help people who need guidance to stay on track with their goals.

Focusing on you

When you have time for yourself who do you think about? Is it your family, work or friends? Do you ever focus your attention on yourself? If you don’t, this could be where your problems begin. People who never focus on themselves are less likely to have positive outcomes. Always thinking of others can cause conflict within you and your happy existence. Learn why focusing on you is important and some tools to help you balance out that focus within your life.

the judgment within you

Do you look at others or yourself in a negative way? Do you find yourself making decisions on an assumption of what you think it is? You can learn ways to turn this thinking around and improve the way you interact with others and yourself.

empowering you

Take your empowerment back. Many do not think about this but it is important in leading a happy, healthy life. If you feel powerless most of the time then you’re going to make inappropriate decisions, mistakes you may regret, have uncontrollable emotions, and more. We can teach you how to get your power back and be yourself again.

why do I fear………..?

Everybody has a fear of something. Most of the time it is just a natural response. But, some people have a fear that scares them so badly they cannot function in daily life or dangerous situations. There are ways to deal with this and we can help.

boost your confidence

Confidence plays a very serious role in our lives. It can stop us from doing they we need to do or even enjoy. Let us help you find the technique that helps you overcome this.

living life without regret

Regrets are something that holds people back from growing and living healthy lives. This program will teach you how to let go of the regret you have and eliminate any future ones.

personal connections

Do you have problems communicating with the ones you love? Do you have conflicts with others at work, home, school, or any other place? Maybe this is because you cannot find a common ground between you and them. We can teach you how to connect with people in a healthy way.

get rid of negative thinking

Negative thinking is one of the number one causes of suicide, stress, depression, dysfunctional families, and many other disorders or problems. In this program, we teach you the skill and give you the tools to reverse all negative thoughts into positive ones.. Give us a try and see first hand what we can do.

regain your control

People lose control in many different ways. Some people make bad decisions and get it taken away, others give it away because they think they are not worthy of having it. It doesn’t matter how you lost it; it only matters that you get it back. We can help you regain this in this program.

decision-making techniques

Some people are very bad at making decisions but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have some new and fresh techniques that will teach you how to make wise decisions and stick by them with confidence.

One on One sessions

We give you individual support through messaging, video chat, email, or a combination of these options.

messaging only

  • $10 for 30-minute message session $20 for an hour

video or phone chat

  • $20 for 30-minute video session $40 for an hour

email support

  • $15 for 10 email support messages
  • $25 for 20 email support messages
  • $45 for 45 email support messages

under 24 hour notice or after hours

  • $20 for 30-minute session message only $30 for an hour

Online Courses

Coming soon