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Guiding people to inner peace

Inner peace is something that everyone seeks and deserves in their life. There are many avenues you can take to achieve this; This is where we step in. I cannot stress enough that self-help is the key to ALL mental and emotional problems. Once you know how to deal with problems and stressors the road to inner peace starts to light a path. We are determined to get everyone that wants this peace down their own path. Remember, everybody has a different path to walk and needs their own steps to get there.


the best “YOU” THAT YOU CAN BE


There are always going to be problems, stressors, emotional letdown, and pain in our lives. What matters is how you choose to approach the battle.

  • Step-By-Step

This is a very powerful way to treat just about any situation you may come across dealing with any kind of health issue. They are used as a guide to help you overcome your obstacles.

  • Recognizing self-motivation

This technique helps you realize that everyone is capable of self-motivation. 

  • Empowering you

We help you take back your power over you. Some people either let go of their power, give it away, or just lose it. There are many reasons why. We help you find and solve these power issues.

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About Me

Hello, My name is Sabrina Young and I am the owner of this business. I started this business back in 2018 because I seen the need for this service. I am passionate about how others feel and manage their stress. I have been giving advice for many years to friends, family, and even strangers that just need someone to talk to.  I feel that one of the biggest downfalls of our society is that people do not feel free to speak their minds.                                                                    I would like to help the people that are afraid to be themselves, hold all their regrets, and bottle all their emotions. I am a listener and problem-solver by nature so no one can burden me.                                                                                       I provide solutions to problems, big or small, through self-help. I believe that self-help is the best medicine for changes in life. The more you learn about what makes you happy and steps to stay that way, the better your overall health will be. Many people step away from their self-help as soon as they start to feel better.      I want to provide ongoing support to keep people active within their steps. I provide steps and resolutions to a variety of situations and I am confident I can resolve yours. I treat problems, not just symptoms.                                                        I currently hold an Associate degree in Psychology and one class away from my Bachelor’s. I reach out to people that need comfort, confidence, or anything else relating to emotional or mental health.

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we were born to listen!

Listening is the key to any great conversation and That’s what we do best. Here are a few ways we listen. 

  • Active Listening- Fully concentrating on what is being said rather than just passively ‘hearing’ the message. 
  • Informational Listening–   listening with the goal of learning, understanding, and grasping information.
  • Critical Listeningusing careful, systematic thinking and reasoning to see whether a message makes sense in light of factual evidence.
  • Therapeutic or Empathetic Listening- paying attention to another person with empathy [emotional identification, compassion, feeling, insight] to seek understanding.